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Who am I? I am a 2nd year PhD student at Inria Rennes lab’ (FR), at the GenScale team I am working on genome assembly and scaffolding. For this purpose, I am implementing graphs’ algorithms and graphs’ structures, and formalise these problems thanks to linear programming. Work colleagues PhD Inria main superviser: Rumen Andonov PhD INRAe main superviser: Jean-François Gibrat PhD second superviser: Dominique Lavenier Some links Twitter: LinkedIn: GitLab: GitHub: Contact Inria laboratory e-mail: victor.epain(replace_by_at) Professional out of Inria lab’: victor.epain(replace_by_at) You can find my CV below in anti-chronological order. 2022 2nd year PhD Talks ROADEF2022 chairman for bioinformatic session short abstract titled Linear integer programming approach for chloroplast genome scaffolding talk ISCO2022 (not accepted) proceeding JOBIM2022 proceeding titled Optimal Scaffolding for Chloroplasts’ Inverted Repeats (accepted) talk WABI2022 (not accepted) proceeding titled Inverted Repeats Scaffolding for a Dedicated Chloroplast Genome Assembler DSB2022 short abstract titled “The reverse complement symmetry advantage of DNA fragments relationships for their storage in a directed graph” talk Laboratory life Data Knowledge Management IRISA/Inria Department organisation of monthly department seminar organisation of departments days (1.